What is the Ethical Porn Partnership?

The Ethical Porn Partnership is a coalition of adult content producers, performers, consumers and supporters who believe responsibly-made porn is possible. We aim to showcase, encourage and support alternative, independent porn producers and performers' work, and broaden consumer choice.

EPP in a Nutshell


The EPP wants to challenge the notion all porn is exploitative. Instead, we want to collectively establish ‘best practice’ for the industry, while proving that it’s possible to advocate the health, welfare and working rights of those involved in its production, and offer consumers high-quality, original content made to certain ethical standards.

The EPP will also channel funds to anti-trafficking, anti-sexual violence and sex education initiatives, as well as taking an unequivocal stand on condemning child abuse imagery, and all non-consensual sexually explicit material, such as so-called 'revenge porn'.

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Our Vision

We believe that consenting adults should be able to watch and enjoy adult content depicting sexual acts made by other consenting adults, without fear of reprise, shame or censorship.

We also believe there need not be any contradiction between exercising erotic imagination and making and watching consensual content that reflects deeper desires, even desires we may not choose to explore in our day to day sexual interactions with others.

We want to champion the ‘porntrapraneurs’; the independent producers and performers who are creating more imaginative, innovative adult content and expanding online porn’s erotic potential.